Otfried Lieberknecht

Curriculum Vitae:

Born 11 June 1959 in Frankfurt-am-Main, son of Dr. jur. Otfried Lieberknecht and Christel Lieberknecht née Lehnertz, grown up in Düsseldorf, graduate of Görres Gymnasium (1977), student of Romance and German philology at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (winter 1977), Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (1977-79) and Freie Universität Berlin (1979-87), M.A. (French and German, FU Berlin, 1987), Ph.D. summa cum laude (Romance philology, FU Berlin, 1995), assistant in teaching and research to Chair Prof. Dr. Horst Ochse, Institut für Romanische Philology, FU Berlin (1988-1993), coordinator of internet services with Springer Verlag (Springer Science) in Heidelberg (1999), online editor and product manager with Amazon.de in Munich (2000-2002), product manager with Vizzavi / Vodafone D2 GmbH in Düsseldorf (2002-2011). Four children Markus (b. 1989), Ruth (b. 1994), Grete (b. 2003) and Lore (b. 2006). Living in Münster.

Research interests:

Medieval Studies: medieval literature (Italian, French, Occitan, German, Latin) and Biblical exegesis, Occidental sources on Mohammed and Islam, history of heresy and inquisition in Upper Italy, history of sciences. - Renaissance Studies: Petrarchism in Italy and France, theories of language and history in the Italian «Questione della lingua» and their reception in France.


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  • Personal Website (1999-):


  • Editor of the Homepage for Dante Studies, see Michael J. Hemment, "Dante.com: A Critical Guide to Dante Resources on the Internet", Dante Studies 116, 1998, p.127-140. This Homepage, which was begun in 1995 and upgraded until 2000, but has now come out of date, was an index of electronic resources of interest for Dante Studies, including also general resources for Romance Philology and Medieval Studies:


  • Parts of the Homepage for Dante Studies were associated with the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (general editor: Carolyn P. Schriber, Rhodes College), under the title Dante Alighieri: A Guide to Online Resources (since August 1996):


  • List-owner (since 1996), together with George Ferzoco (University of Leicester), of Italian-Studies, an international mailing list for the study of Italian literature, language and culture


  • List-owner (since 1998), together with George Ferzoco (University of Leicester), Carolyn Muessig (University of Bristol) and John Arnold (University of East Anglia, Norwich), of Medieval-Religion, an international mailing list for the study of medieval religion and culture:


  • Calendar Tools (1999), a JavaScript program for historical calendar conversions:



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